The Sun of God

Part of our failure to recognize God’s constant presence in our lives can be found in our language. We talk of how the sun “comes up,” “rises,” “sets,” and “goes down.”
The sun does none of those things. The sun is constant. It is always giving light. The only thing that changes is that we turn. More accurately, this planet turns. And we are just as helpless to make that happen as we are to turn ourselves toward God. But whether we are turned to face him fully or have completely turned away from him, God is. God is love. God is shining.
Our language that we use is only a symptom. It is not by itself the problem. Our brokenness leads to our huge blind spots. Our vision is small. We rarely imagine the size of our galaxy, much less the universe. We occasionally think upon our solar system. We will discuss our neighboring planets once in while and can sometimes catch a glimpse. We watch world news every so often. We consider our country most days. Our state comes to mind daily. Our city is a regular thought. Our home presses on us daily. And we are always on our mind.
Completely inverted from God’s design. Yes, that reflects the order of God’s creation, but it does not reflect the order of significance. And yet it does. God made the least his last and his pinnacle. Yet he makes the last first and the first last. What a marvelous mystery!
God made you. He loves you.
God is. He loves.
He does not set. He does not go dark. He does not turn.
We do.
I don’t imagine that these words will stop making you say that the sun “has set” or that the sun has “come up,” but I do ask you to pause and think – on God’s constant love.


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