10,000 Reasons

This ongoing list is intended to chronicle the many different ways that I see God’s grace, faithfulness, and rich blessings. It began as a practice following the form of One Thousand Gifts, but I felt convicted to go beyond. The song “10,000 Reasons” reminded me clearly that even such a number is not enough ways or times to give thanks to God.

933) Reconnecting
932) My son’s excitement about a concert
931) A don’t-need-a-sweatshirt day
930) Soy cheeseburgers
929) Plan G-O-D
928) The server at Angelo & Riccardo’s
927) The owner of Angelo & Riccardo’s
926) The relentless work of Jim
925) A new maze at camp
924) Wind in the treetops
923) A sparrow that followed me
922) Spider webs
921) Beautifully blue lake water
920) Holy naps
919) A 3-foot long blue racer
918) Seeing the new life of spring
917) Stacking wood
916) Feeling freedom
915) Making mistakes
914) Singing “10,00 Reasons” in worship
913) The white flag of surrender
912) Playing football
911) Pit bull puppies
910) Sunshine and a brilliant moon in the same sky



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