G40D, Day 16

Spiritual practice: Purity

For your consideration on this practice, I invite you to read the written piece “Love Above.” This word has been planted in my life over the past week in conversations, readings, and application. The other day a friend shared about a transition to vegetarian practices. I shared my own sense that it was a practice I should adopt. He noted that he didn’t notice the daily difference, but he did notice when he went against the practice. Now, if he eats meat, particularly one that will be difficult to digest, his body rebels.
I have experienced that before. Soda is something that others will give up. They choose other beverages and then, after time, might try soda again. Their body does not know what to do with the substance. Something it once enjoyed, even craved, now stabs the body like an enemy! Our bodies and our daily lives do need a purity scan. There are many practices and consumptions that we have slowly taken on that are not if God’s original design. Our body, our life, adapts to the toxin and tolerates more..and more. Then, with time, it craves what it never wanted.
The topic of purity is often applied to our status as physical beings with sexual desires, and it is good to examine those practices. But if you believe that there is nothing impure in any other area of your life, well, I am concerned for your toxicity levels, friend. Our lives need examination. Our lives crave examination. Our body is a temple and our life is a song, do we not wish to take time to present our best?
A short book that can get you started is Randy Alcorn’s A Purity Principle. You could easily read the book in one day, but the thoughts within it deserve longer consideration. For fun, read it openly at work and see what self-conscious thoughts you have or comments you receive. Reading a book on purity at work almost begs the question: What is wrong with you? You could answer such a question this way: I’m feeling impure and I don’t want to be; I’ll let you read it when I’m done.
Maybe you begin by removing a particular food or beverage from your diet. I am convinced that our physical and spiritual lives are intricately woven together. Be it meat, pop, alcohol, sweets – there is much research available to guide your decision. But do examine and begin. You might not even be aware of the toxins you’ve ingested.

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