God’s Canvas, Conclusion

Believing that the darkness held the DNA of the Author, in the form of his son, was darkness indeed. Those who had followed the son were devastated as the Lucifer ink now seemed to hold the advantage. Using that moment of advantage, the darkness swept across the canvas. Attempting to completely cover God’s canvas, the Lucifer ink stained with darkness every place save for one – the path of the son. Where the son had walked and touched, the Lucifer ink could not stick. The Author’s plan remained in tact for his son was the Word – he was LOVE.
It was true. It is true. Everywhere that the son had walked and touched left an outline of LOVE. The reason the writers had not recognized this was because the son had reversed it. All this time the writers had been writing LOVE so that they could read it. The son’s path wrote LOVE facing the other way – so that the Author could read it. After all, it was HIS canvas.
Everyone could hear the voice in the darkness working furiously, attempting to undo the work of the son. But it could not be undone. Screaming again, this time with rage, the voice in the darkness echoed from the place where the son’s body had been laid. Where the body had been laid there was no body, only an empty ring of blood. A gnarled, deformed pen reached out of the darkness to fill in the ring with Lucifer ink. As it did, the ink was swallowed up and covered in the blood of the son. Trying again, the pen reached out. Again the ink was immediately and completely covered by the blood of the son.
Realizing that this place was also a lost cause, the voice and the ink retreated. As it turned, the voice in the darkness howled. A howl of fierce loss. For there, walking with the writers, was the son! How was this possible? He had died, the blood had spilled, and the body dragged into darkness. And now..now the son was walking with the writers, even brighter than before!
Again, the son showed the writers where to write, and how to write. “Walk as I walk,” the son said. “Talk as I talk. I am the Word that you need to live.” At last the writers understood – in order to write LOVE, they needed to live LOVE. So the writers began to write again. Using the ink that God had given, the writers began to fill in LOVE. This time they huddled together to help each other, and to teach other writers. When they started to realize just how big LOVE is, the writers asked the son, “Won’t we need the ink…the ink that was lost to darkness? Lost to the Lucifer ink? We cannot fill this in without it, can we?”
The son smiled and said, “Yes, we certainly will. Here walk with me.” The son would then take each writer to the edge of LOVE and tell them, “Place your pen right here.” Each writer would look in horror as they saw where the son had pointed. He pointed to his veins, exposed now by the holes in his hands and his feet.
“We cannot draw from you!” the writers objected. “You are the Author’s son, we know that now. It would not be right for us to pierce you!”
“I have already been pierced,” the son answered, “by you and for you. It is for that reason that you must draw from me. The only way that we can restore God’s ink to you and complete my father’s portrait is if you first draw from my veins. The DNA of my father is in me, and it must also be in you. That is what will separate your ink from the Lucifer ink. It is the only way. LOVE will not be complete without it.” Then, sounding very much like his father, the son said, “This is not a problem for me.”
Every writer that believed the son would first place their pen into his veins. Then, reaching down together, the writer and the son would draw up the ink from the darkness. “The Lucifer ink is still attached!” nearly every writer screamed. “Get it off!”
“Do not worry,” the son said. We have a place for that, too. Lucifer’s ink cannot stay in LOVE, for I have sealed the perimeter completely.” So, hand in hand and step by step, the son and the writer went to a place that only the son had seen.
“What is this place?” every writer would ask.
The son always smiled and said, “You’ll see.”
The writer would watch in amazement as they placed the pen inside an empty ring on the canvas. Inside of the ring, the Lucifer ink is always pulled in and always covered in blood. It was in that ring where the Author’s DNA was poured out, so that darkness can never exist within it. The son’s blood had been shed completely for this very purpose. Once the ink was restored to its original state (yet better, it seemed), the writer would walk back to finish the Author’s project. Back to complete LOVE.
This is where you enter the scene. You are a writer. More accurately, you are a vessel – a pen with a purpose. God has given you the ink you need to write, and to complete this LOVE, which is so much bigger than you ever imagined. Maybe one of the writers has told you about the son. Have you met him? And have you gone with the son to reclaim all of your ink? He knows that your ink is tainted – that happens to everyone. But to complete your picture, his picture, the Author’s picture, you must let him reclaim your ink.
The final picture is still in process, but it is coming together. There is less darkness on the canvas now. The Author’s son is reclaiming it for his father. And every time a writer first draws from the son’s veins, more of God’s ink is reclaimed. Soon there will be no more darkness, and the voice from the darkness will vanish. It will vanish, howling as it is swallowed in that empty ring left by the son.
You see, there are many colors in ink. There are many colors in LOVE. But inside that ring there is only red. The Author calls that a period. As in, it is His canvas – period. All darkness will vanish – period.
LOVE. Period.
That is the final project. That is the Author’s plan from the beginning. That is His plan always. The project is a self-portrait – a self-portrait of the son. The Author sent him to be the Word – to LOVE, period.
He did.
We should too. When called upon to be a vessel, to complete LOVE, simply say what you have learned by now to say: “This is not a problem for me.”
And LOVE, period.

There is a fountain filled with blood,
Drawn from Immanuel’s veins,
And sinners plunged beneath that flood,
Lose all their guilty stains.

– William Cowper

Questions to consider
*What does it mean to you that the son was pierced “by you and for you”?

*Do you live LOVE?


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