Grace Like Snow

We sing of “grace like rain,” but not of “grace like snow.” It may be limiting, perhaps, to do so. Half of the world would not fully understand the comparison. Other parts of the world would understand it so well that, even as they were singing, their mind would sing back “No it’s not!”

But what is snow? Isn’t snow something that comes from the heavens to cover death? Doesn’t snow cover the ugliness around us and make our world at least…presentable? Just like grace. In our death, also known as sin, we need a covering. We need something to hide the unpresentable. We need grace. And God gives. Abundantly.

It does not fall evenly, for every realm of our life is unique. But, in the time before new life, our ugliness – our death, our sin – is covered. And there are some areas where grace piles up, either by the winds of life or in our own piling up. As I removed snow from one area and placed it in another this morning, I thought of this “piling of grace.” It made me think of Romans 6:1,2.
What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? We died to sin, how can we live in it any longer?

But yet there are times where we pile up grace, forgetting that what is underneath is already dead. More grace will not change that. But there is new life coming; we are certain of that. And how does that happen?

In God’s perfect time, the warmth of his love allows for the grace to go into our death, go into our ugliness, go into the areas where we have sinned. What was once a covering becomes a source of nourishment for new life. What we once had as a cover for our imperfections has now become a promise. So, for a brief time, under the warmth of God’s love, our ugliness will be exposed. We stand naked before the Lord; ready for new life and completely soaked in grace. Our former death revealed. Once dead in sin, we have now died to sin. New life is coming. This becomes the point of our testimony: “I once was, now am, and will be!”

Once dead in sin. Now alive. And growing in Christ.

The warmth of God’s love comes by the gift of the Son. His son. As God allows for grace to enter in, Jesus becomes exactly what we need to live anew. We need the Son. And do not worry about those piles of grace you have accumulated. Even those, and even those parts we hide from the Son, will eventually feel the warmth of the Son so deeply that life will spring forth there as well.

As you fling grace around this weekend, as you delight in it or loathe it, remember why it is there. Remember that it is a covering. Receive it, knowing that soon it will be exactly what you need to be a living testimony.

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