Immanuel: Our Living Prayer

Immanuel, Christmas babe,
God’s gift wrapped in flesh.
Immanuel, God with us,
Living life, breathing breath.
You came as a Lamb
That was led unto slaughter,
You looked, loving eyes,
At God’s sons and daughters;
You declared, “I’m the vine,
Apart from me you will die.”
You walked, countless steps,
Never once asking “why?”
An example like no other
You lived life as a song
And you promised as the Truth,
To shed light on my wrongs.
Not condemning, but to save,
You examined my wounds,
And to heal them you went
Lifeless, loving, to a tomb.
Fighting battles I cannot,
As my sword and protector,
Went to Hell with white gloves
As my Death Inspector.
With your hands you passed over
My enemy’s home,
And on closer inspection
Found blood there – your own.
With the sword of your Word
Plunged deep into dark,
You entered the courtroom
And poured out your heart.
“Father,” you said,
“It is true he is guilty,
But punish him not,
I have bought him, you see?”
And then you exposed
Nail-pierced hands and bruised feet
And my enemy roared –
The clear sound of defeat.
Immanuel, my King,
No one is above you.
In my eyes and my tears,
Oh, how I love you!
Falling face down
I call you “Good Shepherd,”
My healer and teacher,
You’re my questions answered.
As the Light for my life
You have shown me the way.
As my orphanage now,
In you I must stay.
When my heart breaks, you heal it
By the grace of your touch.
You received from me little,
You have given me much.
As a gift wrapped in flesh,
God gave you to me.
And your life was unwrapped
As you hung on a tree.
Not under, like Christmas,
But on the tree gave
Every breath of your life
For my one soul to save.
So I cling to you, hold you,
Interwoven, our lives –
They must be together –
So that I may survive.
Your victory mine,
You triumphantly returned
And handed over your sword,
Something I never earned.
You told me quite clearly,
“My word is your sword,
I entrust it to you,
And I’ll prepare your reward.”
Undeserving, I accept,
And I’ll fight the good fight,
I’ll hold your light in the dark
‘Til my day turns to night.
When night comes I will trust
That the Son always rises.
In exchange for my life
You give infinite prizes.
God with us, you are,
God with us, my Head,
So that I can have life
You gave yours instead.

Thank you, Jesus.

I love you

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