An Ark, not lifeboats

I knew this before I went to sleep last night, but I had no words. In a way I am tired of words. I’m tired of my own words. This took place very close to dear friends of mine. The man who died is a cousin of an old friend. I am tired of words. I am tired of grieving. I am certain that none of the recent acts have been random. I am also certain that the enemy laughs while we mourn. Because we need more than words. One person will not stop this – it is not a physical fight. It is the spirit of death waging war against the spirit of life. But you can do something. You must do something.
Last night I drove home on a dark, snowy, two-lane highway and a car was following me closely. Normally this bothers me, especially in less-than-ideal driving conditions. Then I realized this: it was safer for them to follow my light than to be on the dark road alone. I did the same thing to a car on the highway, benefitting from their light and guidance. No matter how bright or dim your light in the darkness is, it is light in the darkness. Someone needs it.
“By faith Noah, when warned about things not seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family. By his faith he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.” Hebrews 11:7
Here is what I see: Everything we see is a copy and a shadow. Everything since Christ has a redirected purpose. Well, in unholy fear, Grand Rapids has labored for 162 years to build boats – two-person lifeboats. Big enough for you and the person you want to let in the boat with you. The Church has become the churches. The Body has become the body parts. We prepare ourselves for the flood, rather than making enough room for those God would choose to save.
You carry a light. Someone would like to be by you to be safe. But if you only lead them to a two-person lifeboat, you will be done. Certainly you will not give up your spot for someone else. But what if everyone who carries the light had the faith enough, had enough holy fear, to guide others to The Church? How long could you go back and forth then – if you knew that God had enough room for all who come?
What you can do: pray. That is what the disciples did first when Jesus ascended. When God’s physical presence was no longer with them, they prayed until God’s spiritual presence came. Pray until the Spirit comes. Without the Spirit, you will drown in the waters because you will be lost in the darkness yourself. Once the Spirit comes, follow. I promise you that there will be directions that take you out of your comfort zone. Follow. I also strongly believe that your instructions will take you out of the churches – the building – and bring you to the Church – the Body. Find body parts and attach them.
The first permanent resident of Grand Rapids who was not of the Ottawa people was a Baptist minister. John Ball called this area “the promised land.” And we believed it. And built lifeboats. And the enemy laughs. Want to condemn, by faith, the darkness that settles? Take your light to the Ark, the only Ark that saves – God.


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