Immanuel: Our Christmas Babe

*This was the piece I looked for the other night. Still applicable. Enjoy.

Sweet was the babe
Who, in innocence lying,
In the manger was placed
There to save you from dying.
What a quest, what a trek
That was laid out before him
To face all that tempts
And still live without sin.
Yet his Father did promise
We should see such a savior
So we could love without question
Our God and our neighbor.
So God, as Himself,
Came in form of a babe
Though no one could tell
It was Him who would save.
So esteeming Him not
Our ancestors scorned
Beat Him and killed Him
While just a few mourned.
What a sad fate to have
For such an innocent child
But in what other way
Could God reconcile?
We’re deserving of death
And eternal damnation
Yet God chose to save us
And offer salvation.
He turned the world on its head
With one simple birth
By the stroke of pure God
He brought heaven to earth.
Receive or reject Him
Those your only two choices
But there’s only one way
To hear angels’ voices.
God paved the way
On that one starlit night
Correcting our sins
With the one Way that’s right.
God chose to save us
Through the life of His son
From birth unto death
God’s handiwork done.
Born that man
No more may die
Hear one simple truth
Not a long, complex lie:
God chose to oppose
All the plans of his foe
Rescue you from your sins
All your faults and your woes.
So let the babe that He chose
Wrapped in swaddling clothes
Be the reason you sing
For the whole world to know.


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